Balicasag Island: I Promise I'll Be Back


Wow, I'm so slow writing this post. It's been a while since I went to the Province of Bohol and I 'm afraid this post won't be as useful as the first part of the series - 6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Panglao (HINT: Wild Dolphins and More) Plus Bohol Travel Tips


Of course, the awesome memories and the impressions will last. I'm afraid however, I couldn't recall other minor details like the travel expenses and the rest. What I can remember was that it was the same boat we rented when we went Dolphin watching in Panglao. Forgive me as it's vague how much we spent for the environmental fees (DENR), or the price for those who wants to rent a snorkeling/diving equipment or life vests, or the price range of the food. 

Balicasag Island

They have the "dampa style" or "paluto" in there, your pick of fresh sea foods and they'll cook it for you. The food was average compare to the other seafood haven in this Province, nevertheless, eating there was quaint with the unrivaled view of the shore and the pristine sea.


The crystal clear water and lavish marine life will always be my resonating recollection of this world renowned island - Balicasag. I was only able to do some snorkeling in the 200 meters deep marine sanctuary. We were told there were still many areas to explore especially for divers. So when I go back, I better dive! A piece of my heart was left there, I swear! And so I promise to go back the soonest, and it may be this year or the next. 


I have to go back because my photos we're literally just in the surface. I have to go back because when we visited there it was time restricted. I have to go back because it's just beautiful beyond words.


And I hope in my return, I hope it'll still be the same, if not better. Please, just better. 


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